About Us

We are a leading ecosystem of B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Based in Brazil, our reach extends throughout Latin America as we specialize in selecting and acquiring profitable B2B SaaS businesses. We serve as a liquidity solution for founders and a value based investment opportunity for our investors. Our philosophy is centered around creating an enterprise where the sum of its parts multiplies outcomes, impacting not just our financial success but also the growth and development of our founders, teams, and customers.

Through four strategic pillars, we empower the founders of the companies we acquire, accelerating the growth of their SaaS startups and helping them realize impactful business outcomes. We offer support and an extensive set of tools that enable our companies to outperform their competition.

In terms of growth, we provide sales strategies, cross-selling initiatives, combined marketing efforts, and management through KPIs and goals. Our focus on people is evident as we attract and develop talents, offering support throughout their professional journey and fostering a sense of community within Nuvini that promotes connection and best practices. We also provide operational support through a shared intelligence center, assisting in non-core areas such as accounting, billing, payroll, and procurement.

Lastly, governance is at the heart of our mission. We assist our companies to scale while maintaining high standards of governance that provide tranquility for all. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, corporate governance, and financial reporting practices.