Acquisition Criteria

At Nuvini, we subscribe to robust Capital Allocation Criteria and Dilligent M&A process. Our acquisition criteria are designed to deliver long-term growth and create value for stakeholders.

  • Cash Flow generating. We seek companies that are in the cash flow generating stage, thereby demonstrating reduced risk and a sustainable business model.

  • Sector agnostic. Vertical markets preferred. We consider investment across nearly all sectors and have a preference for vertical markets to create cross-selling and margin improvement opportunities.

  • Businesses with leading position in a niche market. We prefer niche markets with where there is reduced competition and a defensible market position.

  • Solid customer base and limited customer churn. Leading to sustained growth and profitability, we seek companies with a strong product-market fit and proven customer satisfaction.

  • Revenue between $4-$10 million. We prefer companies experiencing scalable growth that have established reliable financial patterns but are not out of reach for a model aimed at nurturing and expanding the business.

  • Growth above 20%. We subscribe to the rule of 40 and look for companies with a combined Growth Rate and Margin in the 40% range.

Smart NX

Founded in 2013, Smart NX is a leader in innovative CX as a Service solutions that transform how different types of businesses connect with their customers. With a deep understanding of the national market, Smart NX offers scalable solutions to boost results and create unforgettable customer experience journeys.


Mercos is a software company that organizes and automates the activities of independent sales representatives and the sales orders of manufacturers and distributors. Currently, they are focused on the growth of sales through B2B e-commerce and sales management solutions.


Founded in 1999, ONCLICK is a technology company focused on the development of business solutions, with around 130 employees, over 1,300 clients, 300 online stores, and more than 1,000 point-of-sale terminals. Its purpose is to enhance business management through technology and innovation, building intelligent tools and differentiating itself through customer relationships.


Datahub offers a powerful and innovative Multi-Market Data Intelligence Platform, operating on Big Data Brazil with up-to-date information on 214 million people and 36 million companies. Developed to support your company in making strategic decisions for Prospecting, Profitability, and Customer Retention actions.

Effecti Licitações

Effecti was born with the purpose of simplifying processes through innovative solutions designed for companies that supply to the Government. Every day, the team of experts works to develop the best tools and deliver to bidders the safest and most efficient performance in the challenging bidding process.

Ipê Digital

Experts in Software and Services for Optics. They help their clients have control over everything that happens in the store, automating marketing and after-sales actions so that they can sell more.


The All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform. They help entrepreneurs become successful online sellers, enabling them to automate all repetitive processes of their marketing in one place and focus more time on their strategies.